March 12 - 17, 2018
The River Christian Church
1515 Magnavox Way, Ft. Wayne

Elementary Play

Elementary Play

High School/Middle School Play

Esther Highlights

Visit our East Camp FWAHSdrama.org
April 9 - 14, 2018
Woodburn Missionary Church
5808 Bull Rapids Road, Woodburn, IN

Thank You Angels!

Registration opens January 15th at 12:00 am. Please Print your registration form and mail it with at least half of the enrollment fee to the address on the form. Print the waiver and appropriate Audition cards and bring them to Auditions on February 9th.

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Audition Card

Jr/Sr Highschool
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of Drama Camp?
2018 is the last year that the Elementary Camp is $100 and Jr/Sr High Camp is $150. Next year the prices will be going up. There is a discount for families with more than two children registered, each additional child is half price. Full price is assigned to the two oldest children.
Q. Are there other costs to Drama Camp?
Your full registration payment goes to the Academy of Arts and the rest of the camp is funded by FWAHS, DASH and the offering that is taken up after each performance. In order to keep costs down we have a list of items that can be donated to help our camp run. From bobby pins to zip-top bags, you can signup to bring a few of these items at Auditions. Some of the sign ups are a donation of your time, check out our current list here.

All participants are expected to provide some “costume” pieces for themselves. These are to reduce the number of costumes the Academy Team must transport. All lead role costumes are provided, what will likely be needed are foundation clothing like pants and shirts. Check out the Elementary Costume Requirements or Jr/Sr High School Costume Requirements for more information.
Q: How do we choose the week we where would like to participate?
West week and East week are run by different coordinators, so if you are interested in the East week which is April 9-14, 2018 at Woodburn Missionary Church click here to go to their website. The weeks do work together so if one is full you can still participate if it fits your schedule.
Q. How many is full and how will we know when that happens?
We have set a limit of fifty students per play based on the size of the stage at The River Church. When this number is reached we will place a message on the Registration Page, all Registration will be closed after auditions.
Q. What are the ages for the different Camps?
The Elementary Camp is for First to Sixth graders who are at least six years old on January 1st of the camp year.

The Junior High/Senior High Camp is for Seventh to Twelfth graders who are at least twelve years old on January 1st of the camp year.
Q. Do you ever make any exceptions?
The plays brought to us by the Academy of Arts contain a variety of roles to fit every camper. Camp days can be tiring for the young and old alike. We keep to the age guidelines for when children can participate in the different age plays. Older more mature children are needed in the elementary play to fill the lead roles and be role models for the younger children. We do allow parents to hold back their Seventh grader if they feel that they would benefit from one more year of the elementary play.
Q: Is my young child is ready for drama camp?
Are they able to stand quietly for 30 minutes or more, keep their hands to themselves and follow directions? They will be kept busy, but there may be times when they need to stand quietly and pay attention to the director. Use your best judgement, if your child is within the age guidelines and can do the above we will make every effort to make their camp experience enjoyable.
Q. What happens if plans change and we cannot participate in Drama Camp after we have registered?
Everyone who registers for Camp gets a role on stage. Those roles are assigned after auditions. If you let us know that you will not be participating before Auditions we will refund your registration. If a camper drops out any time after Auditions no refund will be given.

Welcome to Drama Camp! The opportunities for growth during this week of camp are boundless. Start praying for your students now. We have already begun to do so. These kids/young people will be stretched in many aspects of their lives, especially if they remain humble and teachable. Drama Camp is about so much more than a performance, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts and each part is precious! We will be on location each day with your students. We are honored to serve as your coordinators for this week
\–Cheryl Wilhelm, Connie Abel and Stephanie Taylor.


The River Christian Church: 1515 Magnavox Way, Fort Wayne IN, 46804 has graciously allowed our homeschoolers to use their facility for the purpose of conducting this drama camp. You will be notified of any ongoing details about facility use. Remind students that there is no need for them to be in the office area. Do not contact the church with any questions. Please treat the furnishings and all equipment with respect, and go out of your way to pick up after yourself and others. Let\’s show our appreciation in any way possible.

From I69 the church is exit 305A (Illinois Rd. Exit), Turn Right on Magnavox Way and the Church is on the left. Of course you can come from the east or west on 14 (Illinois Rd) to get to Magnavox Way.

After the Saturday afternoon performance all high school students are expected to stay and assist in resetting the facility to Sunday morning program readiness and packing up The Academy of Arts\’ equipment, props, costumes, etc. As these tasks are finished, students will be permitted to leave. Please do NOT schedule activities for after the Saturday performance as this will only stress everyone. The more hands we have, the quicker the job is accomplished.

Special Notes

High school Play performance is at 1pm. Details about a post production party (Saturday) and Cast Party, will be made available to you later in the week as we know them.  


Attendance is mandatory at all training sessions \– all day, every day; therefore, you should be sure your schedule is free of any conflicts with the seminar schedule during the week of March 12, 2018. Experience would also advise that you cancel all other school related activities during those days even if they do not conflict with these times listed. Students are exhausted after putting in long days on stage. If attendance issues arise during the week, please let Cheryl know, as well as the Academy director, so we know how best to handle it. If you have a question please don\’t hesitate to ask.

Music Rehearsal for Elementary & Read Through for High School

Friday, February 23rd and March 2nd from 2 to 3:30 pm at The River.
High Schoolers; It would aid in planning ifwe had a general idea of those that will be able to attend the high school play readings. Please send an email that indicates which Friday rehearsals you will be able to attend.

What to Bring to Camp

On Thursday we will be serving a pizza dinner between class time and dress rehearsal so there is no need to bring dinner. Saturday it is suggested that you eat a hearty breakfast before coming at 9:00AM and then bring a light lunch or snack for later. No students will be allowed to leave the facility during any meal breaks during the week.

What to Wear

All clothing must be modest and appropriate. Be thoughtful of your \‘weaker brother\’, not yourself. The Academy of Arts staff will be dressed in professional attire. Knowing we do our best work when we are dressed well, please dress to do your very best.

Parent Involvement

Though parents are not required to remain on site during camp, many hands are needed to make the week run smoothly. During auditions, parents will be given the opportunity to sign up for various tasks. These include bringing meals for the Academy of Arts, organizing the high school pizza dinner, staying to supervise during camp week, and supervising light cleaning after each camp day. As homeschoolers we all understand the crucial importance of everyone pitching in to create great experiences for our kids. Please bring your calendars with you and be ready to volunteer to do your part. If you don\’t choose, we will plug you in where needed. But don\’t worry none of the jobs are too difficult.


Both productions will be videotaped and DVDs of each may be ordered for $15 each. Order forms will be available throughout the week and the night of each performance. Orders need to be placed before the end of the afterparty Saturday night. During the performances, there must be NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! We will have several photographers taking pictures throughout the performance. Many of these will be posted in the slideshow on our website and to an online photo site for families to print, download or purchase inexpensively.

Younger Siblings

We are not staffed to provide \“babysitting\” during the camp or the performances. Please understand that we cannot allow a restless or undisciplined child to disrupt the learning for others. It is also crucial that no children be unattended at any given time. If an elementary child must stay through the afternoon due to transportation issues, you must make prior arrangements for an adult to be responsible for your child. If a parent is supervising students during the seminar day, please make arrangements to sufficiently occupy younger children. Running in the back of the auditorium is extremely distracting to students on stage.


Please continue to check your e-mail daily. We will communicate through email using Mail Chimp as much as possible to keep things simple and efficient. Also, check the website everyday for regular updates. www.fwahsdramawest.org


Pulling off such a large scale event of such high quality and with such a large number of people is a complicated matter. There are certain to be glitches and oversights along the way. We welcome any input and suggestions you may have as participants to make things run smoothly. If at anytime something is not clear, please do not hesitate to ask. It is never our intent, but it is easy for us to make assumptions of understanding. If we all work together with eager and humble hearts we will exceed our goals and create an awesome drama experience for our students.

Special Note
Music Rehearsal
What to Bring
What to Wear
Parent Involvement
Younger Siblings

Elementary Play

Elementary Play

Ever wondered what the “rest of the story” was after the ants taught the grasshoppers the benefit of work? Well Nicole Chavers Stratton has given us her version as the ants move to where there is no winter and look for a way to never have to work again.

Jr/Sr High School Play

Jr/Sr High School Play

Nicky Chavers brings us the story of generations of Christian persecution in communist Russia and Eastern Europe. By tears and laughter, he brings us a warning that America is not immune, and if we are not prayerful we too will have no place to flee.


The Ant and The Grasshopper
Music Practice

No Place to Flee Run Through

February 23rd and March 2nd
2 - 3:30 at the river

High School Costume List

Elementary Costume List